Wednesday, 12 June 2013

First Swim

   It wasn't a very lengthy dip but I managed a couple of lengths while breathing heavily, to stop myself from screaming! The water was a chilly 20C (68F) but while that doesn't sound too bad for the air temperature, it's a different story when you are  immersed in it. If I am still keeping my blog next year, it will be interesting to compare the date of the first dip. I don't think I have ever been in earlier than June but may have been in a week or so closer to the beginning of the month. I had just finished cutting the grass and felt quite hot and sticky and the water looked so appealing.

  James and I spent the morning at the park, he climbing, running, rolling and jumping, and me watching and helping when his adventures veered towards the dangerous. We had a picnic on top of the "mountain" while the boys and girls had recess at the school, then we went down to their playground after they went back to class. This is a special treat for James as he is not usually allowed to visit that playground. We finished the morning at the splash pad where he got quite soaked and needed a complete change of clothes. On Friday I will certainly take a towel and his swimsuit and my camera - he was hilarious, dodging the different sprays and fountains!

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