Monday, 24 June 2013

Still Hot

   Another scorcher. Started the morning at 24C and has gone up since then to low 30's. I had decided to stay indoors all day but, after playing on the computer for half an hour while I watched tennis from Wimbledon and playing in the basement for an hour, James persuaded me to go to the splash pad. Unfortunately, it was inundated with kids from a local school having their year-end party. So he played in the sand, making mud with a little friend, and occasionally venturing onto the splash pad to clean off.

    After getting thoroughly overheated he consented to go back home and we had a cooling off half-hour in the pool. He loved the water even though it was on the cool side. Needless to say, he was quite ready for his nap after lunch and had a good sleep. Back in the pool when Judy arrived so they both went home a little cooler but, I'm sure, more comfortable. It's still very hot so I will cook another quick meal tonight. I may even have a late swim once the sun is down!

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