Friday, 14 June 2013

At the Splash Pad

   It started out cool this morning but had warmed up enough by 11:00 a.m. to get us outside. All James could talk about was the Splash Pad so that's where we headed, this time making sure to take a towel and swimsuit. James also brought me my camera before we left so I felt obliged to shoot some photos of him playing in the water.

    It turned out to be a little cooler than Wednesday so he wasn't quite as keen to get himself wet. However, armed with a stick (to prod the jets and investigate the outlets that weren't working) he was happily engaged for quite some time. Then back to the playground for some sand play with a little friend, then a trip up and down the mountain a few times.

   One last trip to the playground resulted in a cut lip when he slipped on the climber and put his tooth through his lip. There was lots of blood but no crying, just some spitting. Thank goodness I had brought the towel to mop it up. He was pretty wiped out by the time we got home - asked for a "piggy-back ride" on the way home. So it was a fast lunch then up to bed for his nap. After that there was just time to water the vegetables and check out the potato bin before it was time for him to head home.

   I clipped some bushes out front for half-an-hour, got hot and sticky and took a quick dip. The water was marginally warmer and I managed to stay in for several lengths this time. It was very refreshing!


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