Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hot Sunday

    It has been a scorcher of a day but now It has gotten quite dark and I hear thunder in the distance. I hope it brings the temperature down - it's 33C in the shade at the moment.

   The lavender is just coming into flower and smells delicious. The bees are crazy for it! I have managed to remove and replant a small cutting so will have two bushes next year.

   The bin of potatoes is looking healthy. I wonder what's going on beneath the surface? I also stuck in a piece of parsnip that had sprouted some leaves and it seems to be doing something. Who knows what will come of it.

   The rain has come and gone and, as predicted (or hoped) the temperature has dropped a couple of degrees.  Hopefully, if I open all the windows tonight, I may be able to cool the house down a bit.

   Time to cook some quinoa and broil a piece of salmon -  a nice simple meal for a hot day.


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