Friday, 12 January 2018

Using Up Vegetables

   Yesterday set another record, this time for the high temperature. It was 12C. That's two records this month as earlier we had a record low, minus 22C., weird weather! I was out in the evening to babysit the grandkids and it poured both coming and going, making driving tricky. At least the kids were good and we had fun times. But they didn't get to bed until just before Judy came home from rehearsal and I don't think she was too pleased to see them still awake.

   Today started out rainy and mild but the temperature dropped this afternoon and we had first freezing rain then big fluffy snowflakes. The car is safely tucked away in the garage so I won't have to scrape the ice off tomorrow morning. It didn't snow much so I probably won't have to shovel tomorrow either. I don't like rain but at least we don't have to shovel it!

   Fitness class had been postponed another week so I did my step video this morning instead. Then I made my usual carrot and lentil soup but with a good doze of cabbage in it. I have been eating cabbage all week but there is still half of it left and I am getting sick of it. Perhaps it could go in the freezer if I blanche it first. Tonight, for a change, I will put some frozen spinach in the casserole I plan to make so I will get plenty of green stuff!

   Now the cupboard, fridge and fruit bowl are almost bare so nothing has been wasted this week. Tomorrow is grocery shopping day and I will be careful to only buy what I can use in a week.


  1. Just made a big batch of soup to use up vegetables from the fridge. We had freezing rain and snow here, too. Good for you, keeping up your exercising even when classes are cancelled. -Jenn

  2. I put on 5lbs. over Christmas - hence the need to exercise!