Friday, 19 January 2018

Another Catchup

   So much has happened since my last post that this may be a long one. The first thing was  - no hot water for my Tuesday morning shower. The guys finally came on Thursday (I had to miss my Zumba class to stay home for that). They fixed the water heater but, in the process, caused my gas fire pilot light to go out - they had to turn off the gas to do the repair. No luck either the repair guy or me to get it lit again so I have had to call in the gas guys to turn it back on. Grrr! That will happen on Sunday morning and I will send the bill to the water heater company - it's a rental.

   Tuesday was RWTO lunch. There was supposed to be an Executive meeting beforehand but it was cancelled (a very wise decision by our President) due to bad driving conditions. I spent the morning shovelling about 6cms. of snow. By the time we headed out for the lunch the roads had been mostly cleared. The lunch was salmon (delicious) and the speaker was not only interesting but funny too. His subject was Art Forgery.

   I was out Wednesday and Thursday evenings so am very happy to have an evening at home today. I had my "Gentle Fit" class this morning and a Robbie Burns' demo this afternoon and came home from that quite bushed. That's two done and another on Monday afternoon. Probus meeting on Thursday morning and we had Sgnt. Bob again with a presentation dealing with online scams.

   On Thursday evening it was the Tennis Club Executive meeting - it didn't end until almost 10:00 p.m. I hope subsequent meetings don't run that late! Most of what was discussed didn't involve me - I'm the clubhouse coordinator - but at the next meeting I will have to come up with a report.

   The weather has turned mild again - above freezing today and sunny - but this will only last for a few days then we will be back in the deep freeze. Winter is definitely not over!


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