Monday, 15 January 2018

Blue Monday

   The third Monday of January - the phrase was coined by a travel company, Sky Tours in the UK, to encourage people to travel to warmer climes. Although, they do say that lots of folk suffer from mild depression during this time of year.

   Still cold, minus 10C for most of the day, and it has been snowing off and on all day. Accumulation is supposed to be around 6cms. before it finally tapers off overnight. I won't bother shovelling as it is predicted to be milder by the end of the week. Currently I am sitting by the phone waiting to hear that tonight's dance class has been cancelled. So far it's still on, so I must go. Driving home from Bridge this afternoon the roads were quite slippery. I have to be out early tomorrow morning for an appointment so will have to just take it easy in order to arrive safely.

   I watched some tennis from Australia this morning and one of the Canadian players was doing well - hope he won! If he did it will be in the newspaper tomorrow.

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