Friday, 5 January 2018

Fresh Baking Smells Good

   As forecast, very cold and windy today so I stayed home and kept myself busy with books, baking, a new jigsaw puzzle and a few light chores. I will have to go out tomorrow as I am out of almost all basic supplies, eggs, milk, fruit and vegetables etc. I didn't even have enough vegetables to make my usual carrot and lentil soup so that will be on the agenda tomorrow after I have shopped. 

   I made a ginger cake this afternoon. It's my mother's recipe and is mixed in a pot on the stove. First you melt the butter, brown sugar, syrup and treacle (I use dark molasses). Then you add an egg, some milk and the chopped ginger - I use candied pieces of ginger root - then finally flour and baking soda. It all goes in the pot and then when well mixed, into a loaf pan and baked. It is really good!

   Dinner tonight is a chicken pot pie but the topping will be leftover bread stuffing from Christmas dinner instead of puff pastry. The freezer is finally beginning to look quite empty so it's time to restock.


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