Thursday 4 January 2018

Hunkering Down

   Bitterly cold today and the wind is strong and feels like it is coming directly from the North Pole! The day started off around -10C but sunny - not so bad - but it's currently -13C and dropping fast. We have been promised (?) an overnight temperature of -22C! The furnace is working overtime and I have the fire lit so I am, thankfully, quite comfortable. I won't be venturing outdoors tomorrow!

    Tennis this morning and we managed three sets. I won't be playing again for a couple of weeks as I have other commitments so I was glad of a good workout today. Then Book Club this afternoon with a lively discussion of "The Break" by Katherina Vermette. You need a strong stomach to read this book but it is worth the effort.

   Dinner tonight is a broiled salmon fillet and broccoli casserole. This is my pre-prandial snack - a glass of wine, a small avocado, smashed with lemon juice and a splash of Lea and Perrins, topped with mild chunky salsa and grated cheddar cheese. Notice the healthy addition of some celery sticks.

I may have a slice of the Christmas plum pudding for "afters" (or not, it keeps forever). Then an evening in front of the TV with my knitting and early to bed. Time to refill the wine glass, it's been a busy day!

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