Sunday 21 January 2018

Family Time and Fresh Air

    What a gorgeous day today! I went for a long walk this morning along the ravine - didn't see much wild life except for a few pairs of ducks in the stream - but it was just like being in the country. It was a bit icy underfoot but I wore my hiking boots and walked off the path in the worst areas. 

   I was home in time to clean up some of the winter debris from the deck, then sat outside soaking up the rays for half an hour - a very pleasant way to spend the morning! After lunch I slept for an hour - must have been all the fresh air, and then buckled down to type up the Minutes from last week's RTO meeting. Only half done but I will be home tomorrow morning and will get some more done then.

   James' eighth birthday party last night - he was pleased with his presents and we had a lovely family evening. Steve, Alison and Lucy dog were there too. Today was to be a backyard skating party for his friends but I'm afraid it was too mild - the ice was probably too soft for skating.

   The guy from Enercare came first thing this morning and got the gas fire started up. He even fixed the remote for me which hasn't worked for two years! So I have the fire lit this evening and it is nice and cozy indoors. Chicken and chickpeas for dinner - it's smelling good!

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