Sunday 28 January 2018

Gardening in January?

   Yes, that is what I was doing this morning - well, just pulling up some errant mint that I had missed in the fall. The earth, which is usually totally frozen until late March, was ready to be cultivated. I wouldn't be surprised to see some of my garlic sprouting if this mild weather continues.  No doubt we will have more seasonal temperatures in the next couple of months but it was lovely to be outside enjoying the sun with my jacket unbuttoned. I even sat outside for half an hour before the clouds came over around noon.

   Earlier I had a long walk culminating at Tim Horton's for a breakfast sandwich and coffee. I have to admit I also bought some Timbits but only ate a couple. I will definitely ration myself over the next few days.

I am currently watching Lidia (on TV) preparing chicken parmigiana using chicken thighs. I know I have some thighs in the freezer so that may be a meal later in the week. She is putting sliced plum tomatoes and  Fontina cheese on them before she bakes them. They look very good! Now she is making Zabaglione and Tiramisu.


  1. I have one of Lidia's cookbooks sitting right here beside me! I used to love to watch her show back when we lived in the states and had a TV.

  2. It is odd to see grass and bare fields right now. No doubt we'll have snow again soon. The chicken parm. sounds very good! -Jenn