Monday 1 January 2018

Another New Year

    I didn't manage to stay up until midnight but had a good sleep and was up with the sun which rose at 7:52 today. We have exactly 9 hours of daylight this week but it is to stay very cold. So sorry for the homeless people in town, the shelters will all be full again tonight. Look at the projected overnight temperatures!

Frigid air from the Polar Vortex seems to be stuck over most of Canada this week.

   I was invited out for lunch today (a nice surprise) and met up with some tennis friends at Carol's condo. She had a lovely light spread for us - salad, cheeses, smoked salmon, shrimp, all my favourites - with wine, then apple cake and coffee to finish. I will only need a small snack for dinner tonight. 

   The house got its last bit of sprucing up today and that should be it for a few weeks. I cleaned out the fridge and washed the shelves, threw out the contents of some cupboards in the laundry room that hadn't been touched in years, and got rid of all the fluff under my bed. It feels good to start the new year fresh and clean.

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