Saturday, 13 January 2018

Money Talk

   Very chilly this morning, minus 13C, and it didn't move much all day. It did help to have sun but that disappeared by late afternoon. 

   A big grocery shop this morning, several meat specials and I stocked up on fruit and vegetables. Total there was $40 and I spent another $12 at the bulk food store. On the plus side, I returned the non-working Fitbit for a credit of $145! I've decided I don't really need it, especially the frustration of trying to boot it up, and Walmart was happy to take it back.

   After a rather long nap (I'd woken quite early) I spent some time getting the name tags ready for next Tuesday's lunch. It was a bit easier to do since I put all the members' tags in alphabetical order. Must try to keep them that way. There will be about 100 of us and I think the meal will be salmon for a change.

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