Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Getting Ready For a Trip

   Off to Spain tomorrow so it is unlikely I will be able to post while I am away. But there should be lots of photos when I get back.

   Just my usual Wednesday - Fitness class, a couple of errands then back to the Senior's Centre for my shift in the coffee bar. I closed up just before 3:00, walked home, had a nap and did some packing. I hope I haven't forgotten anything - on my last trip I didn't bring an umbrella and got so soaked on one particular day that I had to throw away my shoes!

    A final meal consisting of leftovers and it was remarkably good - three sausages, two tomatoes, a handful of peas, a cup of cauliflower and a generous amount of cheese. I cooked the tomatoes into a tasty sauce, browned the sausages and boiled the cauliflower. Then combined everything and baked it for half-an-hour. There is even enough left to put in the freezer for my first night back!

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