Thursday 13 October 2016

Bounty of the Garden

   More frost forecast so I cleaned out the vegetable patch this morning. I managed to salvage a few tomatoes, peppers and kale but they may have to ripen a bit more indoors before they are fit to eat.

I roasted the red peppers for tonight's dinner and used some of the kale as well.
    Although it was a chilly morning I went over to the tennis courts but no one else came. It was very windy so I just stayed long enough to finish my coffee before coming home to work in the garden. I still have a few more tasks to complete, especially to get some compost on the roses and the tender perennials, but I'm not going to bother raking leaves - they can just blow around the neighbourhood!

   I walked over to the Senior's Centre this afternoon, just for a chat, and stopped in at the drug store for a prescription on the way home. The trees are really beginning to turn and I found some colourful leaves. It didn't get much above 13C today but the sun was shining so it felt quite pleasant out of the wind. I picked up a new (to me) jigsaw puzzle while I was there which will keep me occupied if the weather remains cool.

Maple leaves  
    I have made a vegetable quiche for tonight's dinner with the peppers, kale, cheese and some olives. I'm trying to empty the fridge before I leave next Thursday and won't be buying much on Saturday. With the leftover pastry I made a couple of mincemeat tarts which will be a nice change for dessert. I have been overdoing the chocolate recently. This is a good night for television, first "Miss Marples" and then "A Place To Call Home", both on PBS so no commercials!

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