Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Eating Up Leftovers

   I started the day with over an hour at the dentist, getting the whole works - gums pricked, teeth scraped and polished and a couple of X-rays. Thank goodness I get 85% back from the insurance company. I got a good report on my teeth healthy and won't have to endure this thorough a check up again for 5 years!

    I had salad twice today in an effort to have nothing perishable in the fridge by Thursday. The first salad was at the RWTO lunch today and it was followed by grilled chicken breast in a delicious sauce and lots more vegetables ( I didn't eat all the mashed potatoes). Chocolate ice cream and coffee for dessert.

    Tonight I made another salad (still have half a tomato and a bagful of watercress from Judy - at least I think it's watercress, she wasn't sure either) and the last (small) slice of quiche. This was followed by a kiwi in evaporated milk. So not too much left in the fridge. Tomorrow I will work on the pot of cauliflower soup but will have to freeze the rest of the cauliflower - it was huge! Then there's just a couple of bananas, an apple and a clementine to eat.

   Came home from lunch and immediately cut the back grass as it was finally dry enough to cut but the sky was getting dark again. The temperature got up to 25C this afternoon but the rain didn't materialize. Last night we were discussing if the last few days constituted and Indian Summer but seemingly there has to be frost before the mild spell, so not quite.

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