Sunday, 2 October 2016

Not Winter Yet!

   Strange morning - misty and damp but it got up to 20C once the mist burned off. A few showers passed through but didn't amount to much.

    I was stuck at home this morning while the technician tried to get me a signal on my digital box. He has got it temporarily fixed so I can watch TV tonight but another techie has to come tomorrow to repair the box outside. Seemingly it's not part of his job and the other guys don't work on the weekends.

    I walked up to Metro this afternoon to cash in some Air Miles.  I don't usually shop at Metro as it is more expensive than No Frills, especially the produce, but  I have collected 95 Air Miles and that will get me $10 off my purchases. I bought ginger marmalade, some olives, a piece of Borgonzola cheese and Artichoke and Asiago dip. With the Air Miles, a $1 coupon for the dip, and the cheese half price, my bill was $2.50! Not too shabby and I am feeling better for having had the walk.

   I started dinner tonight with bruschetta on a pita. I still have a few tomatoes from the garden. Now I am baking a piece of fish on a kale base and more tomato on top and I will have it with peas. Then it's back to the couch for "Poldark" on TV.

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