Sunday 16 October 2016

Busy Saturday

   Saturday started off with a visit to the Fall Fair at Knox Church. I met some friends there, had a coffee, bought some baked goods and preserves (red pepper jelly and Seville marmalade) and, what I had been looking for in particular, a pearl necklace for $5!

   In the afternoon I picked up two of the grandkids for an outing to the Ceilidh. Traffic was heavy but we got there on time. They danced almost every dance. They were nice, easy dances, Natalie had done some of them before and really enjoyed them. James was really there for the pizza after, but he was a good sport and joined in several too. His favourites were The Gay Gordons and the Dashing White Sergeant.

    As well as pizza there were lots of sweet treats and fruit after the dancing. We were well fed and even took some home. I got them back to Markham by 7:15 and got back to my place before 8:00. There was no need for anything else to eat but later on I had some sushi leftover from lunch. Sushi really should be eaten the day it's made.

   A quiet day today - too wet for tennis this morning although it was mild, so I got some chores done. I want to leave the house reasonably tidy when I leave on Thursday. This afternoon was demo practice but for some reason I seemed to have run out of energy (too much housework?) so I left during the last dance. When I got home I spent 10 minutes or so tidying the books in the trunk of my car. They are for the book sale at the RWTO lunch on Tuesday but I weeded out a few that I don't think will sell and I will donate them to the Senior's Centre tomorrow.

     I have a nice piece of salmon for dinner which I will have with some salad and green beans. No dessert - I spoiled myself yesterday!

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