Friday 7 October 2016

Lunch on the Patio

   What an amazing day for October - wall-to-wall sun, a high of 23C and a very gentle breeze. I could take this kind of weather right through until November! Unfortunately the weekend is forecast to be quite a bit cooler but still pleasant.

   I am so happy that I left my patio furniture out for another few days as I was able to have lunch outdoors today.

    There may not be too many more days when I can do this but I certainly enjoyed being out there.

   Predictably, it was very busy at the tennis courts today - we checked in about 40 people, quite different from yesterday's turnout at the other courts. Of course, the offer of free coffee and cake was a big part of the attraction!

   A quiet afternoon - I went up the lab to see if I could get some tests done but it transpired that I had to fast for 14 hours beforehand so I will have an early dinner tonight and go back tomorrow morning before I have any breakfast.

   I did a little gardening but have mostly been reading this afternoon. I am almost finished an excellent tale of the German occupation of France during WW11. After reading of the persecution of the French during that time I don't know how any Frenchman can possibly tolerate a German, even though they are of a different generation. I have a hard time with that myself (though those of German descent I know are perfectly nice people) but the UK wasn't occupied in this brutal manner. The book is called "The Nightingale" (the code name for a girl in the French resistance, the heroine of the book) and it's by Kristin Hannah. If you have a strong stomach, I highly recommend it.

    I will leave you with a photo of the last blooming Cone flowers in my garden. I hope they come back next year. Enjoy!


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