Thursday 6 October 2016

Electrical Problem

   Just a wonderful Fall day today and I was out to the tennis courts before 9:00. Susan and Kathy came too and we were the only ones until after 10:00 when Tamara and Washington arrived. It was perfect tennis weather (20C and no wind) so I have no ideas where everyone else was. They sure missed a great day and there won't be many more. I had a doctor's appointment later so left at 10:15 but by then I had had enough anyway.

   Big scare half-an-hour ago. I plugged in the computer and it wasn't charging. Everything seemed to be attached but then I tried it in other outlets in the family room - nothing! Soon I realized that none of the outlets were working. It finally dawned on me - it was a blown fuse! Now the problem was to find the correct fuse and a new one with which to replace it. By trial and error I was finally able to make the replacement and get back on line. Reminder to self: buy some more fuses.

   Since I didn't get into the Thursday Zumba Gold class I was available to fill in at Sheila's Bridge table this afternoon. I had a couple of great hands and Sheila had a small slam but Pinkie and Mary-Lee still came out ahead! Perhaps they will invite me to play with them again.

   I came home and sat in the sun for a while then cut the back grass - it was overdue for a clipping and the garden looks much tidier. Just leftover chicken for dinner but I found two rather over ripe tomatoes in the vegetable patch (one with some mushy spots) so I will see how much of them I can use and make a tomato sauce for the chicken. I am starting to use up stuff in the fridge in preparation for my trip so it will be carrots tonight.

   No afternoon nap today so I should sleep well tonight.

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