Wednesday, 5 October 2016


   The nasturtiums have done really well this year but I must make a note to myself to plant the seeds indoors before winter is over in order to have them flower earlier. Usually I plant the seeds directly into the garden as soon as the soil warms up but I was a little late this year. They are just now at the height of their blooming and it won't be long until I have to pull them up. I wonder if they will last until I get home from my trip on November 4th? It depends on whether we have frost. I will take a chance and leave them until then.

This is the display by my front door - quite spectacular!

Climbing the front steps. They really are gorgeous!
    First fitness class this morning, followed by coffee and a chat with the other fitness addicts as we hashed over the problems of the world (mostly the upcoming election in the States). I am happy to say I also got enrolled in the Friday class but am on the waitlist for Zumba Gold. It is very popular.

   Don Mills AGM this evening and I have to give a report on the Kaffeeklatsch socials. I have a couple of questions for the Executive regarding the program as I would like to make some improvements next year ( if they ask me to run it again!). I feel it has been one of the more successful programs run by the club, but that's my biased opinion!

   No dinner tonight as they sometimes have refreshments after the meeting. If not I will have a chicken sandwich when I get home.

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