Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Frost on the Pumpkin

     Another frosty morning but thankfully it was sunny and warmed up considerably as the day progressed. I had dressed in kayers but managed to get out of most of them after playing two sets. It managed to get up to 15C and made our special tennis/lunch quite spectacular. Lots of people showed up and brought a ton of food, all varieties. We played until 11:30, then feasted until we were stuffed. Then there was a major clean up as the courts had to be made ready for the winter tennis bubble which goes up in a day or two.

   I think half the reason for this end-of-season bash is to round up enough people to take down and store the nets and windscreens, clear the club house and lock up all the supplies until next year. When I left many people were still working but I felt I had done my bit as I had co-ordinated the lunch and done most of the dish washing.

   I started a new book later today - A Wallender detective story by Henning Mankell. It's called "The Fifth Woman" and is turning out to be quite gripping. So after my tiring morning I spent most of the afternoon in bed, napping and reading. I didn't need much to eat this evening, just a bowl of soup, a hard boiled egg and a few crackers and cheese. Maybe a little (chocolate) snack before bed!

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