Sunday, 9 October 2016

Change in the Weather

   Boy, it was chilly this morning! I was well wrapped up in layers when I headed out to tennis but managed to warm up, hitting with Susan for half-an-hour then a rather one-sided set against Kathy and her daughter Victoria. They won 5-2 but our excuse was that we were already tired before we even started playing in earnest. I came home quite chilled and made some cauliflower soup for lunch; that warmed me up.

    The temperature only got up to 13C this afternoon and the wind was from the north. There is a frost warning for tonight so the rest of my day was spent bringing in my indoors plants that have been out on the porch and patio enjoying the summer sun. They all look great but certainly would not withstand any freezing. I even brought in half-a-dozen green tomatoes which I hope will ripen indoors. I also put away the barbecue as I won't use it again this year.

   Also this afternoon I made some lavender shortbread cookies to replace those I took to dance group last week. Having the oven on warmed up the house a bit but I may have the heat on overnight. They turned out well but I will keep them in the freezer so I'm not tempted to gobble them indiscriminately.

   I went to see "Tristan Und Isolde" yesterday at the local Cineplex - not my usual fare! It's an opera by Wagner and a bit dark and morose and was 5 hours long. It was too late to make supper last night  when I got home so I just fried up a couple of sausages with a tomato and had them in a sandwich. Tonight I am baking a piece of fish with kale and red peppers. I will have it with peas, a light meal, as I will probably be overeating tomorrow at Judy's for Thanksgiving.

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