Monday, 22 April 2013

Tax Time

   I just remembered that tax returns have to be submitted in 8 days, so James and I walked down to the post office to pick up the forms. This is the first year that the forms have not been mailed out which is why It had escaped my notice that the deadline was fast approaching. Tomorrow will be spent trying to round up documents and figure out the bad news. Ever since I retired I have always had to pay more tax, rather than getting a refund, since I have the minimum amount deducted from my pension (I'd rather keep the money until the last possible moment). Years in which I have worked a substantial number of days, the discrepancy has been quite considerable, but, in 2012 I hardly worked at all so shouldn't have too big a bill.
   James spent most of the day outside today and got a little blush on his cheeks - time to break out the sun screen! We were at the park until 12:30 and then he was out in the back yard again after lunch. He just did not want to come inside and it took me until 2:00 p.m. to settle him for his nap. However, he did sleep well and woke bright and refreshed at 3:30.

   Dance group tonight and we had a big discussion as to whether we should hold the annual Christmas Dance in December. Seemingly there is a conflict with another group who are planning an event just 10 days before ours. We may have to postpone our dance until next year, since both dances would draw from the same participants. To cancel it completely would mean losing the deposit. There are many reasons, pro and con, to be considered. We have to decide before our last night in May. I voted to go ahead with our event but many are undecided as of yet.

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