Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Ahh, Spring....

   A gorgeous day today. James and I  were out by 9:30, first to the Play Group until 11:00, then on the way home making a detour to the park. I could not get him to leave. He was (variously) rolling down the hill (yes, the very one where I broke my leg chasing him last fall!), riding the swings (he can now stay on by himself), scaling the climber, or coming down the slide. It was well after 12:00 when we got home so lunch was somewhat delayed.

   Yesterday with the grandkids turned out well. Judy had left a dinner they all liked, crispy chicken legs baked in the oven, with  steamed broccoli. They each would eat only one broccoli "tree", but filled up on raw vegetables and hummus dip. That was completely demolished! Dessert was butterscotch ice cream and cookies. They showed me where the ice cream was kept and assured me it was OK to have some. I had my doubts but forbidden treats are a grandmother's speciality!

   Bath and bedtime seemed to take for ages but finally all were clean, teeth brushed (almost forgot that one), read to (a different story for each), and tucked in. No fussing or complaining so, all in all, a successful evening. However, I am glad I only do this occasionally!


  1. While ice cream wasn't on the menu, how could Grandma say no?

    1. Glad you feel that way - it was very good ice cream. I had to ration them to one scoop.