Sunday, 14 April 2013

First Time at the Courts

   The sun woke me this morning and, although the temperature was in the single digits, I decided the time had come to see if I still had it to survive on the tennis courts. I'd had a late night as Margaret had a little party at her house after last night's dance so was a bit slow getting going. I puttered around hoping the sun would warm things up then headed out on my bike.

   No one else was at the tennis courts and I had forgotten the lock combination, so I continued down to Starbucks for a late breakfast. When I got back, six hardy souls were just getting going so I joined Stuart and Sue on Court 3. Since we didn't have a foursome, we just hit back and forth. By then clouds were blowing in and the wind was from the north. I never did get my gloves off but the activity kept me reasonably warm.

    After 40 minutes I'd had enough but was satisfied with my ability to keep up with the others, so headed home. Better to stop while you're ahead! I still had time to fix a pot of soup (my usual carrot and lentil) and have a short nap before lunch. Then it was off to Broadlands for 2 hours of dancing with the demo team. Keith really worked us hard, step practice and some new dances.  All in all, I feel I've had a good amount of exercise today. Tomorrow I will take it easy with James!

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