Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Some new plants...I hope

    I have kept these plants flowering over the winter. I think they are a type of impatiens. In fact, this planter has been going for several years now. But, over the winter they have become increasingly "leggy" so it is time to take some cuttings from the tallest ones. Hence the photo as a "before" picture. I have another planter that completely died down recently so will prepare for the new cuttings once they grow some roots. I have found this to be a rather hit and miss process - sometimes the cuttings produce healthy roots but sometimes they just die. It usually takes two to three weeks. Once the weather warms up, towards the end of May, they will go outside to the front porch and add a nice touch of colour to my front entrance.

   James is sleeping at the moment. His naps are also rather "hit or miss" now but he went down fairly easily today, after a fretful twenty minutes. He certainly is a lot easier to live with if he has had a nap. It only took two books and one song before I was able to leave him. Time to get him up so that he is ready to leave with Judy in a half-hour.

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