Friday 1 March 2019

In Like a Lamb

    March, that is. We have had a couple of sunny days and it almost feels as if the big thaw is ready to start, snow melt dripping off the eaves and puddles growing at the bottom of driveways. However, there is still so much snow around it will be some time before we see any green. 

   Having said that, we are still forecast to have another couple of inches of the white stuff tomorrow but I think (and sincerely hope) that the major storms are behind us.

    Just my usual Friday - Fitness class in the morning and Pickleball this afternoon - but I did manage to clear a path through the drifts to my back yard and also got a pot of soup simmering for the weekend. So quite a lot accomplished.

The snow piles are huge this year - the most we've had in a while.

Can't believe I shifted all that snow - and most of it by shovel too!

Today's sun has helped clear the ice from the sidewalks. They were quite treacherous for the last few days. Roll on Spring!


  1. I would have such an urge to jump into each of those snow piles if I was walking down your street!!

    1. No, you wouldn't! They are dirty underneath the fluffy stuff on top and full of chunks of ice off the road!

  2. You do have lots of street snow piles - I'm finding it hard to see past some of the piles when pulling on from my street to the main roadway. I would agree that March came in like a lamb - let's hope all the lion roaring has been done in February & March leaves as she came in - quietly. Pickkleball has arrived in our little village; they are organizing teams to play at the local school's gym - I must go check this out.