Friday 15 March 2019


    Last Fitness class for 3 weeks today - don't know what I will do with myself on Wednesday and Friday mornings until they start up again. Pickleball was cancelled this afternoon as the community centre was being used for students' programs during March Break but will be back next week as will my Tuesday Bridge. Luckily I have a good book to read, "In the Midst of Winter" by Isabel Allende. It is the April selection for my book club. The March book, "Bellevue Square", I have already read and didn't enjoy - very confusing -  so, 'nuff said.

   I made some shortbread cookies this afternoon - I am on treats at dance group on Monday - and they are in the freezer to prevent nibbling! I will make one other treat on the weekend, probably brownie or some sort of squares. 

   Sad news, my favourite foodie magazine, Ricardo, is calling it quits and I received the last edition today. They will continue with a French version (it's from Quebec) but I have decided to take the offered refund. I will miss it.

The food photos are all tantalizing!



  1. What a shame about the magazine - there are so many food magazines to choose from over here and more Vegan than they have space to display in Sainsbury's!! I keep threatening to do some baking - a few slices of something to keep in the freezer for our picnics.

  2. I enjoy baking but have my old favourites that I go back to again and again.