Friday 29 March 2019

Disappointing News

   First really Spring-like day with the house warming up nicely. No need for the furnace until the sun goes down. I took the cover off the A/C unit although we won't need it for a few weeks yet. 

   I also tidied up some borders although there are still patches of stubborn ice in shaded places. Here is the last snow bank to melt - another day or two like this should do it.

    This isn't the biggest one on my street but fairly substantial for the end of March.

  The disappointing news is that the Pool Maintenance company I have used for most of my 20 years with a pool, are cutting back on their clients and will no longer be servicing in my area. I am very sad as I have got to know and trust the main guys for all my pool problems (and there have been many). The good news is they are passing me on to another trusted company and have promised the service will be of similar quality and price. Fingers crossed! 

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