Saturday 9 March 2019

Still Waiting for Spring

   After a week of sunny days but still freezing temperatures, it finally looks as if the big melt is about to take place. I was out for quite a while this afternoon trying to break up some of the ice on the edges of the driveway to give myself a bit more room to drive in off the road. Tomorrow we should get some rain which will speed the melting but then on Monday we are getting some more snow!

   Life has been trundling along as usual with me which is why the lack of posts. I did attend a very tasty Pancake breakfast at the Senior's Centre on Shrove Tuesday (the full breakfast for just $5) and my oldest grandson's 13th Birthday dinner yesterday, our first teenager, so there were a few highlights. Oh, and yesterday I had my first ever massage, a prize I won last Fall but never got around to using. It was wonderfully relaxing but no lasting improvement in back and neck pain, hey ho!

It was mild enough to hang out some laundry today but, unfortunately, the clothes line is still inaccessible.

This is where my rhubarb should be beginning to emerge but it is still under two feet of ice and snow!

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  1. We had a flutter of snow here today - I knew we would pay dearly for the warm weather we had only a couple of weeks ago. Still it is not sticking and mostly turned to rain now. Once you feel the good Spring weather you do not want to go backwards.