Sunday 24 March 2019

A New Vintage

    The weekend has just sped past and not much to show for it. I had two really good walks and my tricky knee is all the better for the exercise. Nice enough days - sunny yesterday and milder today so, no complaints.

    Today I made a pot of soup to do me this week and a loaf in the bread machine. Both turned out well. More tennis on TV, one Canadian out but two more into the round of 16. A busy week coming up so it was good to have a couple of days of just pottering.

   Finally found this wine at the LCBO yesterday -  it's Spanish, look for it in the Southern European section. It was highly recommended and cheap but sold out quickly. So yesterday I took two bottles. It is very tasty if you like Merlot.

Toro Bravo 2017


  1. We started off with sunshine and ended with cold winds and rain. Hoping for better weather tomorrow. If it rains I might make soup at the caravan to warm us up.

    1. Still need the warming effects of a nice rich soup here too!

  2. Thanks for the wine referral, always appreciate those! Mr Man use to like an Argentina wine but it changed (as grapes can) & he went off it, so he's been searching for a new one to embrace. Oh I wish that wine & I could be friends again, I miss.

  3. Good luck finding it. I have been searching for a month. I should have bought more - it is very fine!