Sunday, 10 March 2019

Spring Forward

   We put the clocks forward an hour last night and I seem to have been behind the eight-ball all day. Usually it doesn't disturb me, not sure why this time.

   I had a really early phone call this morning about the position of Court Monitor at the tennis club that I advertised last week. I think we have a likely candidate, will just run it by the Executive for approval. That will be one thing off my plate if the new candidate actually works out. We had a terrible time last year trying to keep people in the job. It's pretty thankless (requires a lot of janitorial work) and only pays minimum wage. Fingers crossed!

   Rainy and gusty today but the snowbanks continue to shrink. No grass showing yet.


  1. Hopefully your new candidate will work out perfectly. Fingers crossed. Our snow banks either side of the driveway have shrunk just a little - it gives me such hope. They say it could reach 14+ on Wed! Fingers crossed on that weather candidate!

  2. The President turned down my candidate so I am back to square one. Really annoying although there was just cause.