Monday, 25 March 2019

An Eventful Monday

   Currently watching the "maestro" (Roger Federer) demolish his opponent on the tennis courts at Miami. The first set was close but he is now in full flow and taking no prisoners.  A joy to be seen!

   I had two large cups of full strength coffee at this morning's Hava Java social  and have been feeling jittery ever since. Note to self: stick to Decaf! We had a huge turnout and were close to running out of treats and parking spots. We may have outgrown this location (Calabria Bakery) and might need to look for an alternative spot. Next month's meeting will tell if this is just a glitch or the way of the future. We all like Calabria as it is central and easily accessible by public transit.

   My partner and I had a successful run at Bridge this afternoon with good cards and successful contracts. We will be back for more of the same next week.


  1. Can you speak to the owner of the Bakery & tell them of your planned meetings, to ensure enough treats for all? Maybe the bakery could set aside a few treats just for your meeting. One of the ladies at church sets her attendance by the tennis schedule!

  2. Good suggestion but we never know how many people will show up.