Thursday, 28 March 2019

Still no grass to cut

   Still waiting for all the snow to melt but the upside is I won't have to cut the grass for a few weeks yet.

   Long boring RTO meeting this morning - we didn't finish until 12:30. But this is my last as Secretary so my last set of Minutes. I do have to prepare the File of Reports for the AGM in May but will only have to write my own reports. The others will be sent to me to incorporate in the document. Then my time as Secretary will be over. No one has stepped up to take on the job but I am adamant it won't be me!

   After sitting all morning I had a nice long walk this afternoon, ostensibly to deposit a cheque for my RTO expenses. It was quite a sizable sum so that will help my bank account. I like to have a purpose for my walks and that certainly was a good use of my time and effort.


  1. Yesterday was a good day for a walk & how perfect to have a cheque to deposit. For us it will be at least a month or more before we have grass to cut. Hold fast on your resolve not to volunteer again ... at these types of meetings I often sit on my hands so as not to in despair raise & do again (col). Sometimes these volunteer roles expect more than our paid jobs do.

  2. Once I have extricated myself from that position I plan to do the same with my post at the tennis club, the dance group I am treasurer of and a couple of other volunteer positions. You know what they say "if you want help, ask a busy person!"