Tuesday, 19 March 2019

A Change of Diet

   I read a newspaper article on the weekend suggesting that delaying breakfast a couple of days a week resulted in your body burning fat. The theory is that you are extending your overnight fast until you body tells you it is really hungry. Nothing daunted I decided to try it this week so waited until 10:30 to have anything, in this case half a banana, a granola bar and a coffee. 

    Unfortunately, this was "Ladies Who Lunch" day with the retired teachers so I had a rather substantial lunch - salad with Greek dressing (I skipped the roll), roast beef and veggies and a huge slice of apple pie. It was all really delicious (I very rarely have red meat) but I felt rather stuffed by the end of the meal, not a very comfortable feeling. Then I came home and promptly slept for over an hour!

   Tonight it will be just a bowl of soup around 7:00 p.m. and maybe some fruit, but I will try again tomorrow. It should be easier to implement the new regime as I will mostly be at home. Wish me luck!


  1. I have to delay breakfast everyday due to my medication - can't eat or drink for over an hour after taking my tablet first thing - hasn't done any fat burning on me though!! I think the idea of eating in a shorter time frame each day sounds quite good but seems a bit hard to put into practice.

  2. I already have a problem - how long between a late breakfast and lunch, or is that lunch? I will try that tomorrow.

  3. I like Ladies Who Lunch. Our group from the barn use to meet up once a year dressed up & called it Ladies Who Lunch. Such fun. I often delay breakfast & sometimes well into lunch. I do prefer to have a late breakfast & then just dinner. I like your change in header photo - that lilac is such a hopeful sign.

  4. I was getting bored with the other photo. The lilac is from my garden last year - hope it comes back again as it got damaged while my new fence was being installed.