Friday 22 March 2019

What Season Is It?

   A chilly day and very strong winds this afternoon. The trees are bending fearsomely! But we now have some sun after flurries earlier in the day. Mother Nature just can't seem to decide if winter is over or not!

   Not much on today but I did some banking in the morning then went to Pickleball. It wasn't very busy so I got to play lots. I was done by 1:30 and home for a nap. More tennis from Miami. The Canadian is still in the mix and played well this afternoon. 

   The fire is on but I can hear the wind whistling in the chimney. Hope it dies down overnight and I don't lose any shingles!


  1. There are strange things in my garden too - it's a bit like anything goes season. We had rain most of the day.

  2. I would love some rain as everything is very dirty when the snow melts.