Sunday 17 March 2019

Signs of Life

  There are still piles of snow here and there but, in the warmer spots, things are starting to appear. I cleared a pile of pine cones and needles from the deck where it is south facing, so it is a little tidier out there.

Still early days but these could be daffodils.

And possibly some tulips. You can see the ground is still very wet from the melted snow.

   I had a lovely pre-prandial snack tonight - a slice of yesterday's soda bread with cream cheese and smoked salmon. I have cooked an eggplant casserole and a chicken leg for dinner but may save them for tomorrow.


  1. It is odd to come over to your blog and see what we have seen but a couple of months ago - it is odd for us to be ahead here in anything. Even our cottage garden in Scotland is ahead of our Yorkshire one and it is much further north.
    Our weather here at the moment is going backwards after a warm spell in February, but the plants continue to flower through the wind, rain and sleet to cheer us up.
    You will no doubt wake up to some lovely surprises soon as your plants start to bloom.

  2. It is odd as our latitude is the same as the south of France! Of course, you have the benefit of the warming effects of the Gulf Stream. We tend to have a very short Spring (often just a couple of weeks) then straight into summer.

  3. Chris those spring bulbs pushing through are SO encouraging. It's now Tues morning & I woke to a snow storm! But that's so normal for us isn't it? It's like that joke, re-loading spring 2.5 ...

  4. A little dusting here this morning but things are definitely looking up!