Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Rottenburg and Wurtzburg

   Still feeling rather under the weather but went to tennis anyway. It was very hot and humid and I barely made it through two sets. We had a little party for one of our founding members on his 90th birthday - and he's still playing tennis! Hope I am able to last that long. There was a delicious cake, fruit, cheese,  crackers and genuine macaroons. Jasmin does treat us well. I didn't need lunch!

From the city wall in Rottenburg.
   Early start (8:30) next day on the cruise as we took a bus ride for a tour of Rottenburg. It was an interesting place with a well preserved medieval wall around the centre. I had a walk around it with some great views. After we left the boat it sailed to Wurtzburg where the bus took us, arriving for lunch. It was rather a rushed meal as we were leaving at 2:30 for a tour of the town and the Bishop's Palace there. It's a UNESCO site with a beautiful garden and well worth the visit. A very busy day (really too much for one day) and we were ready for a quiet night. The boat sailed at 6;30 and we were able to use the sundeck for watching the scenery pass by. We would reach the Rhine the next day.

We couldn't take photos inside the baroque Palace but the gardens were a photographer's dream

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