Friday, 25 August 2017


   A long morning at the tennis courts - I left home at 8:00 a m. and was home just after noon. A quick dip (it was chilly!), lunch and a nap then some gardening. Another bin filled. My only other chore was to make a pot of soup - celery - and it's just about ready.

   A friend at tennis and I got talking about diets - her question was: how to get past the late night nibbling. This is also my downfall but I try to have a late dinner and only nibble on things like fruit, cheese, nuts or dried fruit. Cranberries are my favourite. Since I have been trying to lose weight by eating less or no carbs, I find I feel full sooner so I think my stomach is shrinking!

   Yesterday's fish with a panko topping for dinner tonight and a few extra peas. I have already had some crackers and cheese topped with red pepper jelly that was lurking in the fridge. Not exactly what you'd call a well balanced meal but I had lots of veggies yesterday.

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