Monday 21 August 2017

A Little Treat

   I had planned to defrost some fish for dinner but came across some reduced sushi at the drug store, of all places. So that will be dinner tonight.

   The grandkids were here for a swim this morning - they had great fun in the pool - then I was off to Bridge by noon. Two were away so we had replacements but it worked out well and my partner and I had some good cards. Elliot had asked me this morning how to play Bridge but my attempt to explain it was not great. I have realised it is quite a complicated game!

   I had a visit from a guy who is going to repair my front flagstone walk. It has sunk considerably but I am hoping he will be able to reuse the flagstones after he lays a concrete base.  He didn't sound too optimistic but I think he just wants to sell me some new stone. I like the rustic look of the current walk. Here's a "before" picture. I will post the "after" picture once it is done next month. Then I can get going on landscaping the border.


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and now I found yours. Back at our old house in Minnesota, I laid a stone path (not a real walk like you have) that meandered through the flowers. It required lots weeding, but weeding was my stress "therapy" at that point. Your will look great with a new border, too. Cheers.

  2. I'm hoping for no weeds once they lay the concrete. It has been so wet this summer the weeds are flourishing!