Sunday, 20 August 2017

Busy Weekend

    Usual Saturday routine yesterday then up to Markham to babysit by 5:00. The kids were quite well behaved and we had burgers from the barbecue. Home by midnight and slept well until 8:00 a.m. In the afternoon I had time to make a batch of orange carrot marmalade. It turned out very well and now my preserves cupboard is almost full. Just some rhubarb jam and chutney to make.

   Tennis at 9:00 this morning but I must have still been half asleep as I played very badly - on the losing side in both sets even though we changed partners. I had a long nap this afternoon and hope to feel more energetic tomorrow. 

   It has been another lovely day. I was in the pool several times and spent most of the afternoon reading in the shade. I am reading an interesting memoir "Finding Me in France" by a Canadian, Bobbi French. I also cut the front grass after it got a little cooler, so it has been a busy productive day. 

   Last day for the chicken thighs. I am going to cut the meat from the bone and put it in a Fatoush salad to use up some more tomatoes. This is a middle Eastern salad and uses unusual spices - dried mint, Zattar mix, so has quite a unique taste. Some raspberries from the freezer for dessert. Yum!!

This should last me all year!

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