Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Books and Berries

   I didn't stay long at tennis this morning - it was very busy and hot so after three sets I came home to have a swim (very chilly but refreshing) and watch the US Open. I saw several good matches but, unfortunately, it's now raining in New York so there will only be the matches on the court with a roof this evening. We could do with some rain here!

   I have just finished a very peculiar book - "The Ocean at the End of the Lane". I would describe it as fantasy. It really was very confusing and did not have a satisfying conclusion as I still did not understand it. However, it was compelling reading and I finished it over a couple of days. I can't say I would recommend it but if you want something out of the ordinary, try it.

    The blackbirds have started to devour the berries in the Mountain Ash so I thought I had better get a photo before they are all gone. There is a huge crop this year!

This is just one branch - the whole tree is similarly loaded!


  1. That mountain ash is stunning with all those berries. I've never seen one so full.

    1. When there are so many berries it is supposed to forecast a hard winter!