Thursday 17 August 2017

Dull and Dreary

   The day started out pleasantly but by noon it had clouded over and soon it was raining. The temperature dropped and now I am in long pants and a sweater - Fall is not far off.

  Probus club this morning with an interesting speaker, then lunch at Red Lobster. Bonnie and I had a Caesar salad and shared the stuffed mushrooms - all for the princely price of $10!  Liz had Lobster bisque and Diane had crab cakes. Everything was delicious and, of course, there were plenty of biscuits!

   Too wet to garden this afternoon so I have been reading - luckily I have a couple of good books on the go. It wouldn't do to run out of something to read!

   A light dinner and a quiet evening in front of the TV after I get off the computer.

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