Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Short and Sweet

   Definitely cooler today but still not sweater weather. The sun was in and out most of the day but no rain. Tennis this morning for about an hour and a half - just me, Cathy, Kathy and Soo. We didn't manage to finish our second set as the teams were practicing and needed the court - not too happy about that. We went to Panera Bread for a coffee after and spent an hour complaining about being kicked off the court. Next time we will refuse to leave!

   A quiet afternoon at the coffee bar at the Senior's Centre - I was left with almost a full carafe of coffee so some people had "freebies". It's very hard to judge just how much to make. Some of my regulars were "no-shows" today. I walked there and back so had plenty of fresh air and exercise today. I'll just have a relaxing evening in front of the TV.

   I have taken a fillet of trout out of the freezer and will have that, poached, with a broccoli casserole, so must away to the kitchen to get things started.


  1. Baked potatoes with mushroom sauce and turkey sausage for us tonight, avocado on the side and sliced papaya for dessert. Potatoes are in the oven as I type this comment. Poached trout sounds great.

  2. The trout was good. I am trying to stay away from carbs and have even managed to lose a few pounds! Having said that, I was out for lunch today and had to indulge. Tomorrow is another day.