Friday, 11 September 2015

Technology Working For Me

   So nice to be able to play tennis in more comfortable temperatures! I didn't rush out this morning, mindful of the busy traffic now that the schools are back. It was a fairly easy drive and I arrived around 9:00 a.m. and got straight on the court. A short break between sets ( just enough time for a coffee and snack) and I was done by 10: 45. I got home in time to watch the first Ladies semi-final from New York then decided to head up to the Rogers store to pick up my new modem and PVR box.

   I hoped to have the new box set up in time for the second semi but the fates were not with me and it required a long call to Rogers support to actually get it functioning. By this time the second match was almost over but I did get  to see the last few (and most suspenseful) games. Now I am watching the Men's semi-final matches which should take me through most of the evening. What will I do with my time once the tournament is over on Sunday? Well, I do have a few things lined up.

   No cooking tonight, just warming things up. As I am currently online, it appears that the new modem is functioning properly.

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