Monday 21 September 2015

Finally Back on Line

    I have been unable to get on the internet in the last couple of days but now it seems fine so I will try to get caught up. Cool but sunny over the weekend - went with Judy and the kids to a Fun Fair and Tennis coaching event on Saturday. Natalie and Elliot were good sports and stuck it out for nearly two hours. James not so much although he did try it for a while. They got to use more appropriate equipment than when I took them to the courts, so it was easier for them to handle. They also had burgers, corn and cake beforehand, and a mooch around the booths and jumble sale.

    Not long after they departed for home there was a heavy storm so we were lucky to be home before that occurred. Since then the weather has been pleasant, sunny but cool. I had great fun at tennis on Sunday morning with Kathy, Susan and Ben. We played two exciting sets - won one and lost one. In the afternoon I attended the first demo practice of the season so my legs were aching by night time. I had a soak in the tub before bed. 

   Today I had a slow start, cleaning up the pile of dishes in the sink, getting a loaf started in the bread maker and just generally pottering around in the garden. At Bridge this afternoon, Pinky and I were partners and had some unbelievable hands. We came out on top by quite a margin. Dancing tonight so I think another soak in the tub is in the cards!

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