Monday, 7 September 2015

Another Scorcher

   Hot and steamy on the tennis courts this morning. I was on the court by 9:45 and barely made it through the second set - was feeling a bit dizzy by the time we walked off the courts, and covered with sweat. My face was beetroot red!

   However, after sitting in the air conditioned club house for half an hour I felt a bit better and by that time lunch was ready. We were served tasty wieners in a bun, green and potato salad, and corn. Also coffee, punch, and lots of yummy cakes and desserts. You can't beat the holiday socials at Don Mills!

    I was home by 1:30, had a quick swim to lower my body temperature, checked out the U.S. Open (nobody interesting playing) and had a nap. When I went out later for another dip I noticed the outdoor temperature was 35C. I didn't stay out long, just watered the plants and hanging baskets. I am still trying to hydrate myself after my morning's exertions.

   Just a light dinner tonight and no snacking beforehand as I am still quite full from lunch. I will also take the shorter walk as I am sure it's not going to cool down much even when the sun goes down. Thank goodness for A/C!

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