Tuesday, 22 September 2015

A New Recipe Using My Home Grown Kale

     I was busy in the kitchen this afternoon and now have a mountain of dishes to clean! First step was to pick some of the large leaves on the kale plants and rinse and blanch them. While they were cooling, I got some bread started in the bread machine. I used the "dough" setting as I wanted to make baguettes which need to rise and then bake in the oven. While that was happening I cooked some rice and defrosted four breakfast sausages. This was in preparation for making kale rolls (along the lines of cabbage rolls).

   Once the kale had cooled and drained, I mixed the sausage meat, rice and some chopped onion and mushrooms. I added some chopped sage from the garden and a sprinkle of garlic powder. I then spooned this onto the kale leaves, rolled them up and packed them into a baking dish. I covered it all with tomato sauce and topped the whole thing with grated parmesan. Once the bread was out of the oven, I baked the casserole for about 40 minutes and ate it with a few slices of the bread. It was very tasty  (and, I hope, healthy!) and will do me a couple of more meals.

    It was an excellent morning for tennis, sunny but comfortably cool. I didn't rush over, arriving around 9:30, but stayed until 11:45, and played three good sets. There was quite a crowd but I had only a short wait between sets. I also managed a good walk after dinner tonight so have certainly had enough exercise for one day!


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