Tuesday 1 September 2015

A New Exercise Program

   Not much to report today. I was at the tennis courts by 8:10 to set up for the morning play. I got a half set in with the early birds before the courts started to fill up. As it was forecast to be quite hot, most people arrived before 9:00. We had all six courts today as the youth camp is over so we didn't have too long to wait for the changeovers. I got another two sets but had to hang around until noon to clear up.

   A quick swim before lunch and then got the U.S. Open on TV for a couple of hours. No major matches but several of the women seeds are out already. I had another swim later in the afternoon and sat outside for a while to dry off. Too hot for gardening but I did water the plants.

   I plan to make a chicken salad for dinner as I still have lots of white meat left from the chicken I roasted on the weekend. I'm going to use Lidia's recipe using celery, orange and yellow peppers, and tomatoes. Then douse it in a tasty homemade dressing. I have mint and parsley from the garden and the leaves from the celery for the green stuff.

    I read online today that a couple of km. walk after dinner, even at a low speed, will result in weight loss! Hard to believe but I plan to give it a try for a couple of weeks. Hopefully it will be a bit cooler by then.

P.S I threw a few walnuts and some dried cranberries into the salad. It was delicious!

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